Anne of the Island

Anne of the Island  - L.M. Montgomery This might be the world's most frustrating story ever told.

At first it's so enticing. College! Phil Gordon! Intrigue! Romance! Drama!


Let's skip over six months for no apparent reason! Let's have a pages and pages long letter from Davy that make me wish he'd just been sent to a damn orphanage instead! Let's have a long and boring interlude where Anne goes somewhere, meets some people we don't care about, learns something she could easily have learned in Avonlea, and hears the phrase "jog along, black mare!" about seven million times more than was necessary! Let's limit the amount of screen time Gilbert gets for no reason other than to fill the pages with people who are not him and are supremely unfit substitutes for such! Let's give the reader time to wonder how Anne chooses suitor with such terrible first names! Let's include a few extra housemates for Anne that we never get to know because... LM MONTGOMERY WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING?!

I'm done. No more for me.